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Hello and welcome to Olivia's Pet Services. My name is Olivia and I am an experienced pet sitter and dog walker in Bromley, Keston, West Wickham and surrounding areas. Like all animals, dogs need regular exercise to ensure good health and wellbeing. Dogs can quickly get bored if they are penned up in one room, and this can even lead to behavioural issues. Whether you have a lack of time, work commitments or health issues, you can trust me to look after your pet. I am safe, insured and responsible, who loves animals and I would love to take care of your pet. If you need pet services or require a dog walker in Bromley, Keston, West Wickham, or surrounding areas, please get in touch for a friendly chat.

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My Services

Dog Walking in Groups


We offer a group dog walking service, so that your dog can get some much needed exercise. Not only will your dog be able to get to enjoy the outdoors, but there'll be fellow dogs for your pet to play with. Of course, we'll keep a close eye on all the dogs, and they'll always be safe and secure.

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Single Dog Walking
30 Minutes

If your dog finds it hard mingling with other dogs or you would simply like for your dog to get a bit more attention, we can walk your dog on an individual basis. We'll walk your pet, play with them in a field and let them unwind and recharge, before dropping them off back to you.

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Single Dog Walking
1 Hour

Don't think 30 minutes is long enough? Perhaps your dog still needs to be walked alone but has more energy and therefore needs longer to blow off steam? We can walk your dog on an individual basis for an hour, play with them and let them unwind and recharge, before dropping them off back to you.

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House Visits, Pet Sitting and Overnight Stays

If you need to leave your house for whatever reason, then make sure your pet is in safe and responsible hands. We offer both cat sitting and dog sitting, and we are also able to look after other animals such as rabbits, hamsters and even exotic animals. We also offer house visits and overnight stays.

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bonding with your dog, bromley

I am the only person who will walk your dogs. As such, I will be able to form a close bond with your pet. Your dog will feel more relaxed as a result knowing they're with someone that they can trust.


pet sitting in bromley and keston

I have worked in a number of shelters and farms, and so I know just how to treat animals. You can be sure your pet will be given just the right amount of love and attention.


dog sitting and dog walking in bromley

For total peace of mind, I am fully insured. In the very rare case that something should go wrong, your pet is protected. 





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"Olivia is trustworthy, reliable and it's obvious she has a genuine love for animals..."


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Location Served


My location is in West Wickham and I serve the borough of Bromley as well as Keston, West Wickham and surrounding areas. If you are looking for a reliable pet sitter and/or dog walker in Bromley, then get in touch for a friendly chat.




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