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Pet Sitting And Dog Walking In Bromley, Keston, West Wickham And Surrounding Areas


Dog Walking in Groups

£12 per dog, per hour walk
Two dogs from one household discounted to £10 per dog

If you're happy for your pet to be walked with other dogs, then I offer an affordable dog walking service. I'll look after your dog for a full hour and take them to a local park so that they can really stretch their legs. I'll play with your pet and keep a close eye on them, always ensuring that they are safe. All of the dogs that your pet will walk with, will be known to me, so you won't have to worry about any potential friction or fighting with other dogs. If you would like further information about dog walking in Bromley, Keston, West Wickham and surrounding areas, please contact me.

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dog walking in groups, Bromley and West Wickham


Single Dog Walking

£12 for a half an hour walk
£14.50 for an hour walk

If your dog dislikes company, and you would prefer for your dog to be walked alone, do not worry. I have plenty of experience walking single dogs, so you can be sure that your pet is in responsible hands. I'll walk your dog to the park, play with them, and return them to your house. I'll always keep treats and water handy on us, so that your dog will never get thirsty. By the time your dog returns to your house, they'll be ready for a well earned nap.

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dog walker in Keston, West Wickham and Bromley


Why It Is Important That Your Dog Has Regular Walks

The general consensus is that a dog should be walked at least twice a day or for at least 90 minutes in total. Just like humans, dogs need regular exercise and these walks will ensure that they can burn off fat and energy. Dogs are animals, and all animals should be allowed to roam – not doing so is inhumane. More than that, the outside truly is a playground for dogs, and they will be stimulated by the many sights, sounds and smells they encounter. If circumstances dictate that you cannot walk your dog every day, then the next best thing is to hire a trusted professional dog walker. If you need a dog walker in Bromley, Keston, West Wickham or surrounding areas for your pet, we are here to help. 



House Visits, Pet Sitting and Overnight Stays

Cat Visits £6.50 per visit for one cat (£1.50 per extra cat)
Small Animal Visits (rabbits etc.) £6.50 per visit (£1.50 per extra animal)
Dog Visits £8.00 per visit (£1.50 per extra dog)

Pet Sitting £10 per hour up to 3 hours

If you need longer than 3 hours the prices are as follows: - 

Day Pet Sitting £30: cats or dogs that don't need to be walked
Day Pet Sitting £40: one dog, including an hour walk
Day Pet Sitting £42.50: two dogs, including an hour walk or a 30 minute walk each
Day Pet Sitting £45: two dogs, including an hour walk each 

Overnight Stay £25: cats or one dog that doesn't need to be walked
Overnight Stay £30 two dogs that don't need to be walked.
Overnight Stay £35: one dog, including an hour walk
Overnight Stay £37.50: two dogs, including an hour walk or a 30 minute walk each
Overnight Stay £40: two dogs, including an hour walk each

Any additional walks will be charged separately at the standard rate

Whether you need to work or you are going on holiday, sometimes you cannot take your pets with you. Putting your pets in a kennel or cattery is not the only option. With a professional pet sitter, your pet will be able to stay in the comfort of your home, and you will know that your cat, dog or animal will be well cared after. My experience looking after a range of animals means that you'll have one less thing to worry about when you're away from home.

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If you have further questions regarding Olivia's Pet Services, please get in touch for more information.

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